Client Testimonials:

*All names have been changed for strict confidentiality purposes. 

"After experiencing a few episodes of Afib(rapid heart beat) over the last 10 years and having been hospitalized twice, I looked for a preventative AFib diet on the internet and Michelle’s info came up...made an appointment about a month ago and Michelle evaluated my blood work and diet... she said that I was low on magnesium in my diet and created a workable diet for me......
After a month, lost 10 pounds but above all , I believe she found the cause of my Afib.. the low magnesium was the problem..
I have never felt better in at least 10 years and I feel that I never would have Afib if I went her her 10 years ago... the problem is that the cardiologists donot get involved in nutrition and that is a mistake...


Carl, a 60 year old male with Atrial Fibrillation

After a routine blood test showed high cholesterol and poor kidney function, I went to Michelle Routhenstein of Entirely Nourished to guide me through the process of lifestyle changes and better food choices. She is extremely knowledgeable and helped me tremendously. Professional and friendly, Michelle addressed my concerns and taught me about food. I learned how to manage my salt intake and how to substitute one food choice for another. Always available, we read food labels together while shopping and each ingredient was explained so that I could understand where it would fit in my meal plan. Her attention to detail with each recommendation and suggestion was easy to apply. Even my favorite restaurants were included in her research and my meal choices became healthier and fun! My blood work has improved dramatically and because of Michelle I have solutions at my fingertips. Because of her patience and expertise, I can now say I am empowered by food!

Samantha, a woman with stage 3 chronic kidney disease 

If I had to choose three words that most express the wonderfulness about Michelle, they would be: dedication, expertise, and positivity. We started out as a typical mid-life American couple - somewhat health conscious - but with no nutrition/health education and no confidence that we could really make changes. We needed more than a one-size-fits-all nutritionist, we needed a personal dietician who can fill in where a typical doctor does not. Now we are shopping, preparing, and eating foods that would once have been 'the impossible'. We are happy, never hungry, enjoying delicious meals, and most of all having good results. 

After some meetings with Michelle, I was afraid of managing on my own. But there's no such thing. I am never alone. Michelle is always right there next to me, like in my pocket...any question big or small about anything - she's just one text-message or email away - in the Whole Foods aisles and in my kitchen, by the stove and in my pots, on the plate and in recipe books... she advises me about everything...the do's and don'ts for a balanced meal, answers my questions, gives me tips and hand-claps! We're loving the 'new we' experience, thanks to a great teacher and personal coach!

Mark and Sharon, a couple whose husband suffered from a heart attack prior to seeing me

I was referred to Michelle by a mutual friend. Long story short, I had surgery for kidney stones and after having a urine analysis it showed that my diet is what was causing the stones. I met with Michelle several times and she was thorough and to the point. Very easy to get a hold of as well if I had any questions.

She made a plan for me to not only change my diet to avoid kidney stones, but also put together a diet that lowered my cholesterol as well as avoided foods that would give me acid reflux.

All in all, she was amazing. We stay in touch and she’s always happy to help. Michelle, thank you so much for changing my diet, it was tough at first but totally worth it!!!!


David, a 40 year old male with recurrent kidney stones and high cholesterol


Working with Michelle was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I had to be on an extremely restrictive elimination diet for my IBS and she was very supportive and understanding the whole way through. She helped me make meal plans, never pushed me to eat foods I don’t like or won’t eat and was always proactive about following up with me and checking in to see how I was doing. Something I also appreciated was her willingness to call restaurants to find out what ingredients were in certain foods so I would know if I could eat them. Seems like a small gesture but when you haven’t eaten put in 3 months because you have to prepare every single meal, it feels like the most amazing gift someone can give you. When my frustrations about being on the diet got the best of me, Michelle handled it very professionally and she continued to support my work towards feeling better! I have recommended her to so many friends and family members because her approach is about realistic strategies to achieve your goals and that’s what will set you up for success!


Stephanie, Individual with chronic bloating and IBS came to see Michelle because "nothing worked."

"My husband and I were clients together with Michelle Routhenstein and came to her with one similar issue, a food rut (entrenched in eating the same things from day to day and week to week with no excitement or interest) but with different goals (mine, to gain weight and his, to lose weight). With those competing goals, Michelle helped us figure out how to plan and cook single meals to solve these issues and provide ideas and strategies to make meals more interesting, enjoyable and healthy. Not an easy task, considering how “picky”, in particular, I was. 


Michelle was able to help us analyze our eating habits through daily journals, give us feedback on what our deficiencies were, and provide meal ideas and ways to prepare them more healthfully. Michelle also helped us to make better choices, given our goals, at our favorite restaurants by examining their menus. 


The journaling exercise was a very eye-opening experience, and having an expert in Michelle to which we were accountable, was particularly helpful as we were much more aware of where we were and where we wanted to go. 


Through Michelle’s expertise, we were able to find fun and healthful meals, snacks and habits which enabled us to reach our goals and continue to stay out of the rut


Interestingly, even a year or two following our sessions, we still hear Michelle’s words of wisdom whispering in our ears in a daily basis. 


We highly recommend Michelle Routhenstein as a nutrition counselor and healthy lifestyle consultant. 


Claire, Individual with Multiple Sclerosis looking to gain strength and weight via nutrition and lifestyle management

“Michelle Routhenstein changed my life. This is not hyperbole. I don’t mean figuratively — I mean literally!!

At a time when I really needed to improve certain living and eating habits, and was wracked with stress, Michelle calmly and compassionately gave me all the time in the world to explain lifestyle and diet adjustments that would redirect me toward good health - both metabolically and emotionally.

Modification and moderation became the words of the day; the pounds came off; the aging athlete joints felt fresh again; blood sugar levels lowered and moderated; blood pressure decreased. Her methods work!

As importantly, Michelle helped me accomplish this by both clearly communicating the science behind her recommended nutritional and lifestyle revisions and by instilling confidence in me — that if I followed her lead, I would in fact see results. It took work, I’m not going to kid you. But it was so worth it.

Michelle also takes a real, lasting interest in her clients; even after our formal program was over, Michelle has stayed in touch and continues to follow up, coordinating both with my doctor and with me. (I even emailed several times from a recent vacation to seek her imprimatur to indulge in a bit of “beer and brats” — which clearly were not on her favorite list of “to do” foods.  She scolded me and told me I didn’t need to check with “mom” before having a beer).

Over the past six months I have reached a new level of fitness, feel years younger and healthier, and look better. I owe so much of this to Ms. Routhenstein

If for any reason you feel the desire to better understand nutrition and wellness and are willing to put in the effort, like me, Michelle can change your life for the better.  No doubt about it.

Thank you Michelle!”

Arnold, Partner at NY law firm, Individual with newly diagnosed Prediabetes